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What You Need to Know About Your Benefits.

Welcome to the PSERS Health Benefit web site. We understand how important health care services are to our members. To ensure you receive the best and most appropriate care, we offer a multitude of programs and services to help keep you healthy, while trying to make managing your benefits as simple as possible.


To learn more about your benefits, please visit one of the following options:

 PSERS Members with Medicare Coverage

 PSERS Members not Eligible for Medicare Coverage

The information provided here is a general description of the benefits that may be offered by or available through Capital BlueCross. Your benefits could be different. The actual terms and conditions of your coverage are set forth in the contract between the PSERS and Capital BlueCross and Capital Advantage Insurance Company®, which legally governs the administration of this program. If there is a difference between this material and the contract, the terms and conditions of the contract shall control. If you require answers to specific questions please contact customer service at the number listed on your identification card.