We cannot proceed with your request.

We will not be able to issue a refund unless and until an estate is established in the decedent’s name, and the authorized representative of the estate submits the required paperwork.

However, the decedent’s coverage may still be cancelled if we are provided with a copy of the death certificate.

To cancel the coverage, please submit:

  • A letter including the deceased’s first and last name, and the deceased’s identification number
  • A copy of the death certificate

You can mail documents to:

Capital Blue Cross

P.O. Box 772612 
Harrisburg, PA 7177-2612


Any direct automatic monthly payment set up through a bank account (also known as Bill Payer) needs to be cancelled by someone who is authorized to act on behalf of the deceased.  We cannot cancel that direct payment.


If the deceased purchased their insurance through Pennie, you will need to contact 1.844.844.8040 or Pennie.com to terminate the insurance prior to receiving a refund.