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Capital BlueCross Eliminates Positions

HARRISBURG, Pa. (July 27, 2011) -- Capital BlueCross today announced the layoff of 59 employees as part of its ongoing efforts to streamline operations and lower administrative costs. The increased costs and pricing pressures associated with health care reform also played a role in this decision.

“Capital BlueCross is strong financially and operationally, and also enjoys high member satisfaction,” said Bill Lehr, Capital BlueCross Chairman and CEO. “Though we remain strong in all aspects of our business, we had to make this tough decision today as we do everything we can to slow the growth of our costs and operate at an optimum level.

“Helping our members stay healthy, collaborating with providers and hospitals to improve the quality of care, and working to control costs add up to what we call ‘medical value’ -- it’s what we’re all about.”

All affected employees are receiving a severance package and assistance to help them transition to new job opportunities.