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About Us

Compliance and Ethics Inquiries

The Compliance and Ethics Department is a resource for Capital BlueCross employees, members and other individuals or entities who conduct business with the company. This office provides guidance on Code of Conduct issues and handles compliance and ethics concerns regarding the Code of Conduct, corporate policy and/or laws and regulations.

Questions may be directed to the Compliance and Ethics Department by any of the following avenues of communication:

Compliance Hotline: 888.511.4036

Email address:

Compliance and Ethics Department
Mail: Capital BlueCross
PO Box 776044
Harrisburg, PA 17177-6044

Code of Conduct Booklet


You may download the Capital BlueCross Code of Conduct in PDF format using the below link.

Capital BlueCross Code of Conduct*

Paper copies of the Code of Conduct booklet may also be requested by completing the email form below or by calling 1.800.541.7577 Ext. 7570.

Code of Conduct Request Form

Required fields are noted with an asterisk *.