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Workplace Wellness

It's no secret that a healthier staff is a more productive staff. At Capital BlueCross, we’ve been providing workplace programs to employer groups since 1992. Our commitment continues today, stronger than ever.

To help your employees perform at their best—and lead healthier lives—we invite our employers to participate in Better Health Works®, a unique and comprehensive employee health management program.

Our focus is on helping employers, their employees and family members to develop a healthy lifestyle and maintain good health. Our health education consultants can help you make the most of the Better Health Works1 programs to increase productivity, lower health care costs and reduce time lost to illness or injury.

We make it simple! Whether accessing information by phone, attending a worksite-sponsored program, or logging on to the Better Health Works Employer Toolkit, we have the resources and tools to help you successfully organize a health promotion program to achieve your health-related goals.

Better Health Works Employer Toolkit

Useful information is just a click away with the Better Health Works Employer Toolkit. Download helpful posters, flyers and articles on such timely topics as Cold and Flu Prevention, Walking Works, Fitness and Nutrition.

Clinical Management Programs

Members with more serious or chronic health issues benefit from the personal attention they get when participating in our Clinical Management Programs. We work with each member so they can access the right care and services when they need it most. Visit our Employee Wellness section to learn more about the Clinical Management programs available to our members.

Weight Watchers Discount

We have partnered with Weight Watchers® to offer special discounts on programs to help your employees learn how to lose weight by adopting a healthy lifestyle!

Capital BlueCross Better Health Works and Clinical Management Programs - It's a difference you can feel good about!

1Better Health Works is only available to employees, spouses, and dependents 18 and over with Capital BlueCross coverage.