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My Reporting Options

File Transfer (Retrieve a Report/File)

For eGEMS Users

View and print daily reports of activity submitted to Capital BlueCross through eGEMS. Your data appears in a report format, showing any member activity (i.e. enrollment, change of address, termination) one day after the activity is submitted. Reports are housed for 30 days from entry and listed in date order, but they can be sorted by file name or file type.

Theon Care Engager

Analytics and Reporting Platform for Employer Group Users and Producers

Capital BlueCross is leveraging the power of an advanced analytics platform to bring clarity to your health plan data. The Theon Care Engager® platform, imagined by Geneia, is designed to make the complex simple. This customizable, user-friendly dashboard gives you access to meaningful data that enables you to:

  • Make informed decisions
  • Visualize the most critical data
  • Streamline plan management
  • Reduce waste and redundancy
  • Identify care and wellness opportunities
  • Manage health care costs

Theon Care Engager

Operating Systems Web Browsers Export Target Formats
Microsoft Windows 7 Internet Explorer v9 and newer Microsoft Excel 97 and newer
Microsoft Windows 8 Google Chrome v31 and newer Openoffice
Mac iOS versions running a modern browser Mozilla Firefox v26 and newer Quickoffice
  Safari v7 and newer Google Docs
  Internet Explorer Mobile v10 and newer PDF/Adobe Acrobat v5.0 and newer
  Opera v15 and newer  


Employer Reporting Hub

Employer group reports and other information is securely delivered to this central location for convenient access by producers and employer group representatives.

Employer Reporting Hub

For Employer Group Users and Agents

Quickly structure and restructure data inquiries ranging from a full book of business to account- and member-specific levels. BlueInsights helps crunch the health data info you need to make informed decisions in a fast-changing health care marketplace — this includes the type and frequency of benefits your employees are using, and how costs are impacted. BlueInsights handles everything from basic reporting to sophisticated and publication reporting. And with data mining, BlueInsights sifts through complex information to extract usage patterns that can reveal better ways to save valuable health care dollars.


  • Interactive dashboard
  • Demographics and utilization reports
  • Executive summary creation
  • Training support

BlueInsights in only compatible with Internet Explorer 7 through 9. Internet Explorer 10 is not supported at this time.  If you are unable to view/print your reports, please contact our support team at 800.793.4559 or email us.