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Data-Driven Decision Making

You can't make good comparisons of health care coverage if you don't know what you're comparing. And let's face it, choosing a health benefits plan requires lots of comparisons before making an informed choice. You're not just choosing for your business; you're choosing for your employees.

We understand that. We also understand that most employers don't want to make those choices in a vacuum. You want an experienced and qualified partner — like Capital BlueCross — who brings concrete and precise cost measures to the table. Couple that with our group reporting tools, and better decisions and reduced costs are within your reach.

Explore the options. . .dig deeper into the numbers that drive health coverage costs:

We'll give you real-time data to work with to track employee member enrollment and all that goes with it. Our eGEMS electronic file transfer makes administration of your enrollment process faster, more efficient, and trackable. Learn how

Let us help you make sense of the science behind the numbers — the informatics — without going into information overload. Our Theon® Care Engager® reporting tool lets you drill down to the real numbers specific to your business.