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Live Healthy

What's the easiest way for employers to combat rising health care costs? Help lower the demand for health care services by giving your employees the tools to be healthier.

A proactive way to manage and improve the health of your employees, Live Healthy is a unique and comprehensive employee health management program offered exclusively to Capital BlueCross customers.

Better health means better employee productivity.

Live Healthy gives your employees the opportunity to participate in a confidential program that helps them gauge their current overall health. From there, they receive personalized instruction on what they can do to start improving it. Employees, spouses, and dependents 18 and over with Capital BlueCross coverage are all eligible for the Live Healthy program.

Better health means better insurance rates.

Live Healthy makes as big of an impact on employee health as it does on your budget. Your company will benefit from reduced health insurance costs when your employees are healthier!

Better health means better business.

Healthier employees take less sick days. They get more done. They spend less time at doctor's appointments. Their energy levels are higher. And they help you save money.

To learn how you can help your employees perform at their best—and save money doing it—with Live Healthy, contact your account executive today or call 800-976-2242.