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When your employees are healthy, your company's healthy.

Today's most comprehensive employee health management program, Live Healthy focuses on individual employee needs through a unique four-step approach:


All employees are encouraged to complete a confidential online Personal Profile. Using the information an employee provides, Capital BlueCross determines that individual's overall health levels and risk factors - and the best strategies for improvement.


After completing their Personal Profile, employees are given immediate results and are introduced to the customized programs that will help them achieve their health goals.


Once they are fully engaged in Live Healthy, employees have access to a full suite of specialized programs focused on modifying and sustaining behavioral changes.


Capital BlueCross utilizes a proven set of evaluation tools to keep you informed of your employees' progress and to assess the overall effectiveness of your Live Healthy program. Continuous measurement and reporting supports our ongoing program management and evaluation.

To learn how you can help your employees perform at their best - and save money doing it - with Live Healthy, contact your account executive today or call 1.800.976.2242.