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Taking steps towards a healthier you

Walking is one of the simplest, safest and most effective ways to get regular exercise. When done briskly on a regular basis, walking can reduce blood pressure, increase the efficiency of the heart and lungs, boost bone strength and help burn excess calories.

In fact, walking briskly for one mile in 15 minutes burns about the same number of calories as jogging an equal distance in 8.5 minutes. And walking an extra 20 minutes each day will burn 7 pounds of body fat per year.

With each step you take, you're helping your body to prevent chronic health conditions. To help you get on the road to better health, Capital BlueCross offers the WalkingWorks Program.

Capital BlueCross' WalkingWorks tool allows you to track your steps and activities as part of our Activity Tracker. This allows you to set personal wellness goals and provides the ability for you to track your personal health statistics such as weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and many other types of health data. Getting started is easy.

Our WalkingWorks tool is available to registered Members and Partners. If you are already registered you may simply click the link below and login to access the service. If you are not a currently registered Member or Partner simply click on the Register button on the screen that appears when you click the link below and follow the instructions for each step of the registration.

My Walking Works