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For Health Professionals

Nurse Line

Here to assist members 24 hours a day

The Capital BlueCross Nurse Line is a 24-hour, seven days a week telephone service offered to all eligible members. The service is designed to offer health and medical information, education and support. In the event your patient is unable to reach you, the Nurse Line will offer assessment and information to help individuals decide on an appropriate level of care for symptomatic callers.

The Nurse Line toll-free number, 800.452.BLUE (2583), is available to all members. There is no additional cost for this service. Members are encouraged to call this number when they have the need for health information/education, or want assistance in determining how to best handle specific medical symptoms. The Nurse Line is answered by Registered Nurses licensed in Pennsylvania. The Registered Nurse first determines what type of assistance the member is looking for. If it is strictly educational/informational, the Registered Nurse may:

  • Answer the member's questions.
  • Refer the member to the Nurse Line Audio Library.

If the call is for symptomatic reasons the Registered Nurse will:

  • Conduct an assessment of the member's symptoms.
  • Determine appropriate guidelines based on symptomatology.
  • Rule out urgent/emergent causes first.
  • Suggest the appropriate level of care.

The Nurse Line nurses want the member to feel comfortable with the information. Members' questions are always welcome, and they can call back at any time. The Registered Nurse will make a determination of which symptomatic callers she will call back to ensure that symptoms are lessening.