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For Health Professionals

Electronic Funds Transfer 

Making your business transactions with Capital BlueCross even easier.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) service is available to Capital BlueCross providers, including CAIC and KHP Central. EFT replaces paper checks with electronic payments that are transferred directly into a provider-designated account. The benefits of EFT are substantial:

  • Reduced administrative costs.
  • Secure transactions that enhance cash management.
  • Maximized cash flow.
  • Most efficient claim payment method.

Participating providers interested in signing up for EFT simply complete and submit the Capital BlueCross Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization Form. The form can be printed blank for completion manually or you may complete the information on the form on your computer and then print the completed form before mailing or faxing the information.

If your organization has multiple group practice or facility provider numbers with Capital BlueCross, a separate form must be completed and submitted for each group practice or facility provider number. After receiving your information, Capital BlueCross will work with your designated financial institution to complete a three-week testing process. After this process is completed, every time an EFT transaction occurs, you will receive a Statement of Remittance (SOR) with a message and/or voided check indicating that the EFT transaction was completed. If you receive an Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), the ERA will indicate whether payment was made to you by check or by EFT.

If, at any time you need to change your designated financial institution, ABA number, or any other information on the EFT Authorization Form (such as a change in the Provider’s Contact Person, for example), you must complete a new EFT Authorization Form and submit it to Capital BlueCross. If the reason for the change is a new designated financial institution or a change in your Depository Routing Number, another test period will be conducted to ensure that funds are transferred according to your new instructions.

If you have questions regarding completion of the EFT Authorization Form, please contact your Capital BlueCross Provider Relations Consultant.

For questions regarding 835/Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), or downloading the EFT Authorization Form, professional providers please contact Provider Automation at 800.874.8433 and ask for Provider Automation. You may also email us at If you experience difficulty downloading the EFT Authorization Form, please contact the Capital BlueCross Support Center at 717.541.7200.