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Health Care Reform

What is the "Cadillac" tax?

  • The new health care reform law adds a new tax, effective in , that penalizes “high value” employer health plans.
  • Insurers and employers offering individual plans with premiums greater than $10,200 ($27,500 for families) would pay a 40% tax on the difference. Note: that other coverage tiers you may offer, like employee + dependents or employee + spouse, are not considered for this tax.
  • The calculation includes premiums for medical and prescription drug plans. Stand-alone vision and dental plans are not included.

Will I have to pay the "Cadillac" tax? How much?

Our calculator will:

  • Estimate when you may be subject to the "Cadillac" tax
  • Estimate how much you may owe in
  • Show you how the tax increases over 10 years

Numbers you’ll need to get started:

  • Annual or monthly premiums for your individual and family coverage
  • Total number of employees enrolled in each plan

Get Started