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Social Media and Gaming Survey

Capital BlueCross is committed to the health and wellness or our customers. A healthy lifestyle goes well beyond providing health coverage—it involves offering a wealth of programs and resources for all of our customers, both adults and children.

We think healthy children help created healthy communities. That’s why we are committed to finding new ways to engage kids in fitness, health and nutrition.

As part of that effort, we would like to better understand the behaviors and preferences of kids who are members of CHIP, as they relate to social media, online games, game applications, and the use of computers, smart phones and tablets.

If your child is a member of CHIP and is age 13 or older, he/she may complete the “Social Media and Gaming” survey to give us feedback, and thoughts on how these tools might be used.

The survey is designed so that your child’s specific, individual responses will not be personally identifiable to us.

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Start the Social Media and Gaming Survey