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Weight Management

Capital BlueCross partners with Weight Watchers® to offer a special discount to help you learn how to lose weight by adopting a healthy lifestyle! Check out the details!

Weight Watchers Discount

Since 1992, Capital BlueCross has provided quality workplace programs that have given our members the advantage of accessing up-to-date resources to get healthy and stay healthy. Now, we have partnered with Weight Watchers® to offer special discounts on three different programs to help you learn how to lose weight by adopting a healthy lifestyle!

Tip Sheets


  • Weight Watchers
  • Find a meeting in your area and take advantage of your Capital BlueCross discount.
  • Aim for a Healthy Weight
  • The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute offers ways to aid your weight loss such as interactive quizzes, guides to physical activity and suggestions for healthy grocery shopping.
  • Portion Distortion
  • Take this interactive quiz to learn how eating away from home can add on the extra pounds.


Exercise is essential to maintaining a healthy weight and decreasing the risk of chronic disease. To reap the benefits of regular physical activity, the Centers for Disease Control recommend that American adults perform moderate physical activity for 30 minutes, five or more days a week. The latest research even states that the recommended 30 minutes on most days can be split into three mini 10-minute sessions. To start tracking your physical activity download your free and personal activity tracker.

Fitness Facilities Discounts

Capital BlueCross members can take advantage of many discounts to scores of fitness facilities across our coverage area and the nation! Please refer to our Blue365® page to check out the complete details. You can also download the below Tip Sheets in PDF format and visit the web sites listed.

Tip Sheets


Healthy Eating

Eating healthy is a challenge with busy lifestyles, an overabundance of snack foods, and lack of motivation. We have created an easy guide to help you understand how to eat healthy and track your personal eating habits.


* You'll need software, like Adobe Reader, installed on your computer to view and print PDF files. You can find and download Adobe's free reader at