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Capital BlueCross Mobile

Capital BlueCross is moving in new and innovative directions, especially on the technology front.

We have launched a new mobile app that allows users to conveniently access important health care information on the go. The Capital BlueCross mobile app is available on google play for android and on apple itunes for iPhone and iPad.


The app allows users to enter, manage, and organize benefits and medical history information in a secure, easily accessible location.

  • Manage personal health records for the entire family
  • Scan your member ID cards to your smart phone or mobile device
  • Maintain a schedule of medical appointments
  • Search for doctors and hospitals
  • Keep a list of prescription drugs
  • Get news and wellness tips and articles about topics important to you
  • Access your MyCapBlueCross member page


Have questions about our app or mobile apps in general? Read our FAQs here.