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kick it!SM - Nicotine Cessation

A Capital BlueCross Healthy Lifestyle Management program for CHIP children and their parents.

Quit for Life!

It's no secret. Kids are smoking. Every day, 6,000 youth try smoking for the first time. According to the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, many young people start using tobacco by age 11 and many are addicted by age 14. Capital BlueCross, in partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Health's PA Quit Line, offers teens age 14 through 18 the opportunity to kick the tobacco habit. The program, called [kick it!]SM, provides support to young members when they are ready to stop smoking or using tobacco products such as snuff and chew. [kick it!]SM provides kids and their parents with age-appropriate educational information mailed to their home to support and increase their knowledge about tobacco use and to help them quit.

Facts about youth and tobacco use:

  • Nicotine is physically addicting. Nicotine increases the release of a number of brain chemicals that cause pleasure, a decrease in appetite, and relaxation.
  • People who begin smoking early in life are more likely to develop severe nicotine addiction than those who start later in life.
  • Most young teenagers believe they can quit smoking anytime they want.
  • As many as 20% of high school boys and 2% of high school girls use smokeless tobacco, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Most parents do not believe that their child will begin smoking.
  • Tobacco use in teenagers is linked with alcohol and drug use and can act as a "gateway drug."



For more information about tobacco and teens, go to the American Cancer Society's Web site at