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Smart Control 4KidsSM - Managing Diabetes

A Capital BlueCross Healthy Lifestyle Management program for CHIP children and their parents. 

Help to Manage Your Child’s Diabetes

Support – Education – Teamwork

Kids will be kids. They don’t always understand the importance of good health and good nutrition. For every child, incorporating healthy habits into their daily routine is important. Diet, nutrition, and medication management become even more important when your child has diabetes. For the child’s parents, reinforcing healthy habits and helping him or her to manage diabetes can be very challenging.

Smart Control 4KidsSM provides families with the tools they need to handle those challenges.

Smart Control 4KidsSM will help you and your child learn how to improve diet, exercise, medication management, and attitude. As you grow in your understanding of the value of early care and recommended treatments, you and your child can work together as a team to control diabetes and help prevent many future health complications.

Smart Control 4KidsSM
sends educational materials to your home to support your ongoing health and wellness goals for your child. And if he or she identified as a moderate or high-risk patient, you will receive scheduled telephone calls from a nurse case manager to provide diabetes education, support, and monitoring of his or her progress. There are no classes to attend and the program is completely voluntary and free of charge to our members.

Smart Control 4KidsSM, the key to managing diabetes

The key to managing diabetes includes ongoing attention to a number of everyday issues: daily monitoring of blood sugar levels, insulin therapy, diet, exercise, regular screenings, and exams recommended by your child’s physician. Your participation in Smart Control 4KidsSM, helps you learn strategies to handle every day issues:

 Establish a Routine    

 Prepare for Emergencies

 Work as a Team

Make diabetes management part of your child’s regular schedule. Involve anyone who provides care for your child – including teachers, school nurse, child care providers, family members, and close friends.

Keep a written action plan on file at your child’s school or anywhere else he or she regularly spends time. And, make sure anyone who is caring for your child has a copy close at hand.

As your child gets older, he or she will be able to take more responsibilities of their own diabetes care. Encourage your child to take an active role. Work with your child’s doctor to stay on top of regular visits, treatment, and preventive screenings. There may be times when your child feels frustrated or emotionally burdened by the demands of diabetes. Be reassuring – a positive attitude goes a long way.


Could you and your child benefit from participating in Smart Control 4KidsSM?
Call us at 1.800.543.7101 to learn more.