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Individual & Family Products

SecuritySM Overview

Security is for individuals receiving Medicare benefits -- generally, those age 65 or older or those receiving Social Security disability benefits.

How Security Works

Security supplements the benefits provided through Medicare Part A (for hospital expenses) and Medicare Part B (for medical/surgical expenses) by helping to pay for covered services after you use your Medicare benefits.

Security Benefit Highlights

  • Coverage for Medicare deductibles
  • Inpatient hospital stays
  • Outpatient hospital care and other medical services
  • Diagnostic services
  • Durable medical equipment
  • Mammograms

Security Plan Options

PLAN A Hospital Services Medical Services
PLAN B Hospital Services Medical Services
PLAN C Hospital Services Medical Services
PLAN F Hospital Services Medical Services
PLAN N Hospital Services Medical Services

Download an Outline of Coverage

Security Monthly Rates

  Medicare Disabled
Age 0-64
Age 65-691 and First
Eligible for Disabled
Age 85 and Over
PLAN A $263.89 $149.21 $182.31 $211.43



PLAN B $290.38 $166.18 $202.07 $233.62



PLAN C $307.83 $183.44 $219.37 $250.97



PLAN F $312.21 $185.84 $222.30 $254.38



PLAN N $239.71 $137.44 $166.93 $192.97



For more information about Check It Out® and Entrust® go to our Special Services page.

Enroll Online!

If you would like to enroll for Security coverage using our online enrollment application, click on the link below:

Security Electronic Enrollment Form

You may also enroll for Security coverage by using our printable enrollment application.

Security Application

Helpful Links

Download a Payment Option Form

Download a Security Replacement Notice

Download the Choosing a Medigap Program Booklet