Need Help?

Call the number below that best describes your situation.

Members / Prospective Members: Call 866.802.4781 or email
Members who have active coverage or consumers interested in learning more or who have questions about Capital BlueCross.

Group Administrator:  866.802.4781
A person who represents an employer group who often has the responsibility for assisting employees with benefit questions.

Participating Providers / Other:  800.541.7577 x7200
A person or facility licensed and approved to render covered services and perform services within the scope of such licensure OR an individual who does not fall under another category but requires access to the Capital BlueCross secure services area (i.e. SecureMail)

Producers:  800.541.7577 x7200
A person who sells health insurance coverage on behalf of Capital BlueCross but is not an employee of Capital BlueCross.