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Health Care Reform

Healthcare Reform Changes. How 2014 health care reform changes affect you.

REFORM . . . It continues to change.

Health care reform. It's changed everything, and it's still changing. How health insurance is talked about. How it's thought about. How it's sold and how it's bought. All of us have had to reform our thinking about health care and insurance.

And we have. We're ready to help you learn about the new public Health Insurance Marketplace and find the Capital BlueCross brand of health plans. Start by visiting our Marketplace shopping website at for all your individual and family health plan needs.

After 75+ years, our know-how is as solid as ever. So is our name. Capital BlueCross – a name accepted by 90 percent of doctors across the country. That’s our strength. We're here for you like no one else, with health plans to meet the 2014 health care reform changes.

Depend on us to give you health care reform answers that matter. For you, your family, and anyone who needs the security of Capital BlueCross.