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Newly Diagnosed

If you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease or asthma, Capital BlueCross has many programs available to help you cope with your health situation.


For members diagnosed with diabetes, Capital BlueCross offers a variety of resources to help you learn more about the condition. You can call our Clinical Management Department to determine if you'd benefit from our Disease Management program. You can also access our 24-hour Nurse Line and talk to a registered nurse about any questions you have about diabetes. And finally, you can download our Tip Sheet on diabetes in PDF format* or access the below resources to learn more about your condition.

Heart Disease

Receiving a diagnosis of heart disease can leave you with more questions than answers. If you have coronary heart disease or congestive heart failure, you can enroll in programs to help manage these conditions. Call our Clinical Management Department for more information and use the Helpful Links below to learn more about our Disease Management and Nurse Line programs. Tip Sheets on heart disease and related conditions, available below, also provide helpful information as do the nationally recognized web sites we've listed.


You have the ability to control your asthma, and our Nurse Line and Disease Management programs can help. You can learn more about these programs using the Helpful Links below. We also offer Tip Sheets you can download, and below we've included links to nationally recognized web sites that provide basic information about Asthma and how to control it.

The information provided is meant for a general audience. It is not a substitute for services or advice received from your health care providers who are the only ones that can diagnose and treat your individual medical conditions. Capital BlueCross and its affiliated companies believe this health education resource provides useful information but do not assume any liability associated with its use. If you have any questions about the information, please contact your health care provider. Individual coverage for any services that may be discussed in this resource depends on your benefits plan. To determine coverage for any health care service, please refer to your Certificate of Coverage or Evidence of Coverage or call Customer Service at the toll-free number on your Member identification card.