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Provider Quality

We at Capital BlueCross believe it is important for you to have easy access to current quality information about the hospitals that serve you. We provide you quality-of-care information from national and local sources to help you make more informed decisions about your health care.

The information you receive from these sites is supported by a consistent, uniform process that brings together hospital quality information from a variety of sources and allows you to search and compare quality results for acute care hospitals.

For our National Employers

Hospital Compare
Hospital Compare was created through the efforts of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the Department of Health and Human Services, and other members of the Hospital Quality Alliance: Improving Care Through Information (HQA). The information on this website comes from hospitals that have agreed to submit quality information for Hospital Compare to make public.

For our Pennsylvania Employers

Pennsylvania Health Care Quality Alliance
Pennsylvania Health Care Quality Alliance (PHCQA) is a leading source of hospital quality information for our area. This coordinated effort was initiated by a group of Pennsylvania health care providers and insurers, including representation from four Blues plans in our state.

When visiting these sites, you can:

  • Find publically available hospital quality measures in one location
  • Search on individual hospitals and compare results: you can view information related to overall care or selected conditions such as heart attack, pneumonia or surgical care (results are color coded for easy reference).
  • Compare hospitals within your zip code area: Review information for a number of medical conditions (detailed explanations are provided so that you understand the results).
  • These partners also provide extensive information and articles on their Web site to help you better understand how you can use hospital quality information.

General Quality Information:

Capital BlueCross, through its dedication to Quality Management, is committed to patient safety. As part of this commitment, we work diligently on efforts that support improving the quality of care and service. A commitment to enhancing patient safety is integrated into many of the routine activities performed by Capital BlueCross, such as credentialing and recredentialing review and fostering collaborative programs for our members and providers. We perform additional activities targeted toward improving patient safety through measuring the effectiveness of our programs. Stemming from our deep commitment toward improving quality is our desire to provide our members tools which they can use to become better informed consumers. These tools can also help providers in their patient care decision processes. We support efforts that make information more widely available to members and providers so that they may benefit from the activities of organizations such as the Pennsylvania Health Care Quality Alliance (PHCQA) and the US Department of Health and Human Services, which are leaders in the area of providing hospital quality information.