Vision Plan Options

With BlueCross Vision your employees get access to one of the largest eye care provider networks in the nation. From coverage for routine eye exams to discounts on prescription eye wear, our plans will save money and help keep your employees in good health. 

  Benefit Period* Exam Copay Eyeglass
Lens Copay
Frame Allowance Contact Lens
Vision 12/10** 12 months $10 $10 $120 $115
Vision 12/10 Plus 12 months $10 None $120 $115
Vision 24/10 Plus** 24 months $10 None $60 $75
Vision 12/0 12 months None None $60 $75
Vision Value Plan*** None $38 (Pa)
$50 (outside PA)
Single Vision: $36
Bifocal: $48
Trifocal: $58
Lenticular: $70
Retail minus 30% retail minus 20%

All plans (with the exception of voluntary plans) are available through our private exchange.

*Based on last date of service.

**Also offered on a voluntary basis.

***Costs associated with the services and materials listed are the responsibility of the member.