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What You Need to Know About Your Benefits.

Welcome to the Your Company Health Benefit web site. We understand how important health care services are to our members. To ensure you receive the best and most appropriate care, we offer a multitude of programs and services to help keep you healthy, while trying to make managing your benefits as simple as possible.

To learn more about your benefits, please visit one of the following web pages:

Secure Member Portal 

laptop with capbluecross.comAt your Secure Member Portal, you'll have your own unique web portal tailored to your coverage.  You can see how many pending claims you have, get quick access to secure messages, read up on all types of health information, and discover the various wellness programs offered to members.

In addition, you will also have access to several member services to help you manage your benefits such as:

  • Eligibility & Benefits
  • Change PCP
  • ID Card Request
  • Change Address or Name
  • Claims Status (EOBs)
  • and MUCH MORE!

Watch a 'how to register' video or try our registration instructions.

Register or login to your Secure Member Portal (coverage must be active)


Life Status Change

If you need to make a change to your enrollment, such as adding a newborn, updating your employment status, changing your marital status, etc., please complete the Application to Enroll or Change Enrollment form and return to Human Resources within 30 days of the event.

Change FormApplication to Enroll or Change Enrollment

Search & Save Center

Find Doctors. Compare Costs. Start Saving.
Quality, cost, and convenience are three factors you likely think about before making any important purchase. The Search & Save Center is your go-to resource to evaluate these factors when making health care decisions

Find a Provider
Find in-network doctors and facilities to help lower your costs.

Compare Treatment Costs
Look up medical services and compare their most common costs, right where you live.

Estimate Out-of-Pocket Costs
Get a real-time estimate on what your share of the cost may be based on your particular benefit plan.


The information provided here is a general description of the benefits that may be offered by or available through Capital BlueCross. Your benefits could be different. The actual terms and conditions of your coverage are set forth in the contract between the Your Company and Capital BlueCross and Capital Advantage Insurance Company®, which legally governs the administration of this program. If there is a difference between this material and the contract, the terms and conditions of the contract shall control. If you require answers to specific questions please contact customer service at the number listed on your identification card.