Bringing clarity to your practice data

The Theon Care Collaborator® platform, is an integrated care management platform focused on the understanding of care pattern variation and empowering providers with moment-of-care information for more effective coordination of care across all patient management teams. The advanced analytics platform is designed to promote personalized patient care and better align population-specific cost management and quality improvement programs.

Understanding dashboard definitions

The dashboard provides quick access to detailed information that can be used in both strategic and detail-level analysis and decision-making. Depending on your security role/access level, you may have access to most or all of these reports.

Action reports

Action reports allow you to access high priority, chronic conditions and clinical quality reports. By clicking on an individual report from the drop down list, you will be taken directly to 'population explorer' screen to view a list of patients meeting the specified criteria.

  • High priority report – allow you to view all members who have a high condition risk or high RAF/CRA.
  • Chronic conditions report – allows you to view all members who have been identified as having CAD, CHF and diabetes.
  • Clinical quality report - allows you to view the information based on HEDIS, the quality rule set. One or more quality measures can be selected from a drop-down selection.

Activity manager

Displays the available care opportunities including coding opportunities, custom QI and quality opportunities within the patient panel. These opportunities are established using HEDIS definition, a nationally recognized standard of performance measures.

Watch list

Displays a dynamic focused listing of your patient population within predefined categories and subcategories.

Get support

Help is always just a phone call or click away. Our dedicated Theon support team is here to answer your questions or provide the technical assistance you need. Email or call the Theon support hotline at 800.793.4559.

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