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As a Capital Blue Cross member, you have access to Healthy Blue Rewards at no cost to you.

This program helps you stay motivated and empowered to make healthy choices and stay up to date with important personal health milestones. If you're interested in making healthy lifestyle changes, we'll help you connect with other resources covered by your plan. You may even earn rewards1 along the way.

What’s included in your Healthy Blue Rewards program?

We offer several Healthy Blue Rewards program packages, including incentivized and non-incentivized options. Additionally, some tools are available all year long while others may only be available during a predetermined program period. The details depend on your health plan. Find out all about your Healthy Blue Rewards program by logging in to your secure account and choosing Healthy Blue Rewards.

Reward options

If you have an incentivized program, you can earn rewards for completing certain activities. Types of incentives available may vary based on the Healthy Blue Rewards program selected by the employer sponsor.

Some of the rewardable activity options are:

  • Completing the interactive health assessment.
  • Having a preventive care visit.
  • Registering for VirtualCare.
  • Getting a flu and/or COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Completing a personal challenge.
  • Finishing a digital coaching program.

If you have a non-incentivized program, you also have access to many digital resources at no cost to you.

Sign in to your Healthy Blue Rewards account to see your specific rewards.

Features and tools

Healthy Blue Rewards has many features and tools to help you manage your health. This digital wellness program includes a portal and an app with a highly personalized experience to help you on your health journey. Whether that’s achieving your healthy weight, managing stress, discovering nutrition for better health, or other healthy goals, Healthy Blue Rewards can help.

The program includes:

  • An interactive health assessment.
  • Health library and symptom checker.
  • Healthy behavior tracking tools.
  • Personal challenges.
  • Integration with 100+ devices and apps.
  • Self-guided digital coaching programs.

Discover all the benefits that come from living a healthier life by registering your account.

Health benefits

You have unique health goals, and Healthy Blue Rewards can help you achieve them. After you complete the health assessment, you’ll get a snapshot of your health and a personalized "Journey". Your Journey will show the best steps for you whether it’s:

  • Improving your blood pressure.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Quitting tobacco.
  • Managing your stress.
  • Preventing diabetes.

Your health includes so much more than physical wellness. Healthy Blue Rewards can help you learn how to strengthen your mental and social health, get better sleep, and improve your financial well-being.

We’re here to help, too. Explore all of our member resources to get the most out of your health plan.

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Stay connected to Healthy Blue Rewards 24/7 through the online portal and/or mobile app – just register for your program to get started. If you previously registered for Healthy Blue Rewards, you’ll need to reenroll for the new calendar year.

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1Available only to plans that include incentives. Incentives are subject to the plan’s and program’s terms and conditions.