Acceptable proof of citizenship and identity

Use this type of income list to determine which documentation can be used for proof of citizenship and identity. Call us at 800.KIDS.101 if you need help understanding this list.

Proof of citizenship only

  • U.S. birth certificate
  • Certification of birth. (Issued by DHS Form DS-1350)
  • A report of birth abroad of a U.S. citizen (Form FS-240)
  • A certification of birth abroad (Form FS -545)
  • A U.S. citizen identification card (DHS Form I-197 or I-179)
  • Military records showing U.S. place of birth (DD-214 or similar official document)
  • Final Adoption Decree. Must show the child’s name and U.S. place of birth.
  • Or evidence of meeting the automatic criteria of U.S. citizenship outlined in the Child Citizenship Act of 2000 for a biological or adopted child born outside the U.S.

Proof of identity only

  • PA or out-of-state driver’s license with the individual’s picture or containing other identifying information
  • PA or out-of-state identity card bearing the individual’s picture or containing other identifying information
  • School identification card that includes the individual’s picture
  • U.S. military identification card or draft record (active duty, dependent, retired, reserve or National Guard)
  • Military dependents identification card
  • Identification card issued by the federal, state or local government
  • An affidavit can be used as acceptable proof of identity only if the individual is unable to provide acceptable documents listed above as proof of identity

Proof of citizenship and identity

  • U.S. Passport (current or expired)
  • Certificate of Naturalization (Department of Homeland Security (DHS) form N-550 or N-570)
  • Certificate of U.S. citizenship (DHS Forms N-560 or N-561)
  • Tribal documents from a Federally recognized Indian tribe