Financial help

As an individual shopping for health insurance, you can purchase a plan two ways.

Where can I buy my insurance?


You may shop for coverage through the Pennsylvania health insurance marketplace (Pennie™) which offers you a choice of qualified health plans. You can view the products we offer and see if you qualify for Advanced Premium Tax Credits (APTC)  or by going directly to Pennie.

Keep in mind, you may qualify for financial help if you shop through Pennie:

Advanced Premium Tax Credits

Advanced Premium Tax Credits(APTC), which may be applied in advance to lower what you pay each month for your premium on any metal level plan except Catastrophic. Your tax credit is based on the income estimate and household information you put on your Pennie application.

Pennie will reference the 2021 poverty level guidelines during the fall 2021 open enrollment period to determine eligibility for 2022 premium tax credits and cost-sharing reductions. Use the chart below to help see if you qualify:

2021 Federal Poverty Level guidelines

Who needs coverage?

What is the income for those covered under the health plan?

(Income % of federal poverty level)

Family Size 100% 138% 150% 200% 400%
Single $12,880 $17,774 $19,320 $25,760 $51,520
Family of 2 $17,420 $24,040 $26,130 $34,840 $69,680
Family of 3 $21,960 $30,305 $32,940 $43,920 $87,840
Family of 4 $26,500 $36,570 $39,750 $53,000 $106,000
Family of 5 $31,040 $42,835 $46,560 $62,080 $124,160
Family of 6 $35,580 $49,100 $53,370 $71,160 $142,320
Family of 7 $40,120 $55,366 $60,180 $80,240 $160,480
Family of 8 $44,660 $61,631 $66,990 $89,320 $178,640
Cost-Sharing Reductions (CSR)

Cost-Sharing Reductions (CSR) will lower out-of-pocket costs that you may pay at the time of service for doctor visits, lab tests, drugs, and other covered services. You can only get these savings if you enroll in a Silver plan on Pennie.

Off Pennie

You have access to additional choices directly from us. If you are not eligible to save money by purchasing through Pennie, you may wish to consider additional plan choices by viewing the products we offer.