Qualifying events

Our limited COVID-19 enrollment period gives you extra time to shop for coverage.

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If you’re shopping for medical coverage, we require proof of your qualifying life events. Register for a secure account and upload the document.

If you are not eligible, you can apply during the next open enrollment period.

If you’re shopping for dental or vision coverage, you can shop any time.

Did you lose coverage? 1

  • Legal separation/divorce
  • Loss of employer covered insurance due to reduction in hours, termination of employment, death of employee, or employer stops offering coverage
  • Child loses dependent status
  • Loss of HMO coverage due to no longer residing in the service area
  • Exhaustion of COBRA coverage
  • Coverage/policy expired outside of the open enrollment period

Did you gain or become a dependent?

  • Marriage/domestic partner
  • Birth or adoption of a child

Did you move?

  • Permanent move into our service area

Was there an error in your original enrollment?

  • Error of the issuer/plan contract violation
  • Medicaid/CHIP denial

Do you need an urgent change of coverage?

  • Victim of domestic abuse or spousal abandonment

Did your status on HealthCare.gov change?

  • Loss of government cost-sharing/tax credit (APTC)

Required information

Apply for coverage

1A loss of coverage due to nonpayment of premiums, fraud, or misrepresentation is not a qualifying event unless it was committed by your employer.