Subsidiaries and Partners

Capital BlueCross and its subsidiaries, Capital Advantage Insurance Company®, Capital Advantage Assurance Company®, and Keystone Health Plan® Central offer a variety of health plans and supplement insurance products.

  • Capital Advantage Insurance Company® (CAIC)1 - Offers health care coverage plans and stop-loss insurance, including BlueJourney PPO and BlueReliance medicare supplement.
  • Capital Advantage Assurance Company® (CAAC)1 - Offers health care coverage plans and stop-loss insurance.
  • Keystone Health Plan® Central (KHPC)1 - Provides health maintenance organization coverage, including BlueJourney HMO.

The following Capital BlueCross companies do not sell Capital BlueCross health insurance.

  • Consolidated Benefits Inc. (CBI) - Agent for life, short and long-term disability, accidental death and dismemberment coverages.
  • Avalon℠ Insurance Company - Offers stop-loss coverage, Medicare supplemental plans and a Medicare-approved prescription drug plan.
  • Dominion National - Provides dental insurance and administrative services.
  • Geneia - Assists all types of health care organizations manage accountability and risk.

Our Partners

National Vision Administrators, LLC® - On behalf of Capital BlueCross, National Vision Administrators, LLC (NVA®) provides the network and assists in the administration of network management services for the BlueCross Vision Benefits program. Vision benefits administrator. National Vision Administrator, LLC (NVA®) is an independent company. Contact BlueCross Vision for vision benefits and claim related inquiries at 800.905.4102

1Independent licensees of the BlueCross BlueShield Association.