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Group Payment Options

Select the best payment option for your company.

Electronic Check

Pay your premium online.

Your balance is the amount now due on your monthly premium and any past due amount(s). Payments require up to 48 hours for standard processing Monday through Thursday. Payment activity Friday through Sunday will be posted the next business day, excluding holidays.

Call 833.496.7322. Make one-time payments any day, anytime, by calling our automated payment line. You control when you make your payment.

Bill Payer

We work with most banks and credit unions to receive payments through a Remittance Payment Processing System (RPPS) network.

To set up a payment from your bank:

  1. Enroll in your bank’s bill payer program
  2. Add Capital BlueCross to your payee list
  3. Follow your bank’s instructions to set up a payment
  4. Enter your 12 digit group/subgroup ID in the account field

Frequently Asked Questions about Bill Payer

Group Check It Out®

Group Check It Out is an automated payment option that deducts your company’s premium from your bank account.

Complete the enrollment form and verify your account to get started.

Wire Transfer/Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Initiated by Customer

Visit your bank or credit union to start a wire transfer or EFT debit. There may be a charge from your banking institution for each transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wire Transfer

Payment By Check

You can send us a check and the return payment portion of your statement in the return envelope with your invoice. Write your group/subgroup ID and the invoice number on your check and mail the payment so we receive it on or before the due date.