Now more than ever, maintaining mental wellness is as important as maintaining physical health.

As we collectively navigate what may feel like a rapidly changing world, it is essential to consider the impacts this can have on our mental and emotional well-being. We are here to help. While we may not be physically together, none of us need to face this alone.

Mental wellness during our “new normal”
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COVID-19 has shifted all of us into a “new normal”. This change has impacted most of our everyday routines…whether we were emotionally prepared or not.

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Supporting children and youth through COVID-19 tips
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Although it is necessary to stay informed, it is also important to minimize exposure to media outlets or social media that might promote fear or panic. Be particularly aware of (and limit) how much media coverage or social media time your children are exposed to regarding the pandemic.

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Mental health virtual pocket dictionary
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Navigating the mental health space can be difficult, now more than ever. Our virtual pocket dictionary can help.

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