Blood Glucose Meter Program

We know monitoring your blood sugar is an important part of managing your diabetes and staying healthy.

That’s why our members can save on glucose test strips from OneTouch®. OneTouch is the preferred brand.

Our members who use OneTouch® test strips can get a free blood glucose meter by following these steps:

  1. Visit or call 888.234.8080
  2. Enter code 524CAP001

Non-preferred test strip brands

Non-preferred test strip brands require prior authorization. These include Accu-Chek®, Contour® Next, Freestyle®, and Precision Xtra®. Without prior authorization, test strips will not be covered.


Call 888.234.8080

OneTouch and LifeScan products are now brand preferred products on all Capital Blue Cross formularies. The formularies will reflect this shortly. Thank you for your patience.