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Information for CHIP members, their parents and guardians.

Secure member account

View your benefits, claims, and balances online. Find doctors, hospitals, and treatment costs. View, print, or request ID cards. Get personalized health coaching and more. Log in to your secure account or register for access. Please note that email addresses for registration must be unique for each child.

Check It Out®

If your child is enrolled in one of the low- or full-cost programs, you may sign up for Check It Out®. This program allows you to deduct your child’s monthly premium payment from your checking account.


Your child’s privacy is important to us. Please read our notice of privacy practices and the GLBA notice. If you want us to talk with an individual not included on the CHIP application regarding your child’s CHP coverage, complete the member authorization form.


Your child’s CHIP coverage must be renewed each year. If we do not receive the renewal form before the deadline, your child’s coverage will expire. You’ll receive renewal information 120 days prior to your child’s anniversary date.

Print out the renewal form in English or Spanish or email us to request a renewal form. Send us your completed renewal form and relevant documents.

  • Email us a completed renewal form
  • Fax us the completed application: 717.561.8592
  • Or mail us the completed renewal form: 
    Capital Blue Cross

    PO Box 777014 
    2500 Elmerton Avenue 
    Harrisburg, PA 17177-7014

If you prefer to mail renewal documents, please allow time for mailing and processing. We must cancel your child’s coverage on their anniversary date if we don't have a properly completed renewal form.

You'll need to provide income verification documents for all income received in the household. You may also have to provide tax filing information to verify your tax filing status and/or any deductions you claim on your taxes. Additionally, if your child is not a U.S. citizen you may be required to provide verification of their immigration status.

If there are any special circumstances regarding your income, please explain in detail on a separate sheet of paper.

Please send copies of the income documentation. Originals will not be returned.

COMPASS walks you through the steps to complete an application, including what documentation is needed, including your acceptable proof of income and acceptable proof of citizenship and identity documentation. Once submitted, the renewal is sent to Capital Blue Cross immediately.

Call 800.543.7101 and a member service representative can assist you with completing your annual renewal.

Rights and responsibilities

Acquainting yourself with your rights and responsibilities will help you take a more active role in your healthcare.

Other information

The CHIP Newsletter has all the latest information, and if you have more CHIP questions, check out our FAQ page.

Network care providers

You must select a Primary Care Physician (PCP) for your child. Use our provider search to choose a PCP. You can also use this search to check if your child’s current physician is a KHPC participating PCP and you can include the name of the selected PCP on the application.

Additional resources

Frequently asked questions

If you have a question about  CHIP coverage, please visit our frequently asked questions page.