Monitoring hospital quality for 20 years

Over the past few years, you may have heard a name being used in conjunction with quality and safety around Capital Blue Cross: The Leapfrog Group.

We’d like to share exactly what the Leapfrog Group is and how what they do can impact you. The Leapfrog Group is a Washington D.C.-based nonprofit focused on improving the quality of care in hospitals. In 2000, employers and purchasers formed the organized to create transparency and improve the safety of hospital care nationwide. Up to 440,000 patients in the U.S. die each year from preventable medical errors, hospital-acquired injuries, accidents, and infections.

For over 20 years, The Leapfrog Group has collected, analyzed, and published hospital data on safety, quality, and resource use. Here’s how their data can help:

  • Healthcare purchasers can make better spending decisions.
  • Consumers can make informed decisions about where to seek care.
  • Hospitals, armed with a heightened awareness, can more precisely target areas of improvement.

How PCPs can educate patients about The Leapfrog Group

Hospitals with the best Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grades and excellent performance on the Hospital Survey help PCPs optimize outcomes for patients. Educating patients about this consumer resource empowers individuals to make good decisions when seeking care and enhances shared decision-making.

Check out these links to share with your patients when they are making decisions about hospital care:

How our Leapfrog Value-Based Purchasing Program supports hospital quality

Capital Blue Cross’ Leapfrog Value-Based Purchasing Program plays an important role in supporting the efforts of hospitals in central Pennsylvania to minimize the risk of harm to patients. This program allows us to identify high value hospitals in its individual market, and to reward high achievement and significant improvement over time.

Education and the sharing of best practices is part of the solution to safer care, and twice annually, Capital hosts educational programs for hospital quality leaders. Each spring, we partner with the Health Care Improvement Foundation and The Leapfrog Group to present an aggregated overview of performance across the network, highlighting areas of excellence and opportunities. This analysis drives the selection of topics for Capital’s fall educational symposium.

In addition to supplying network hospitals with Competitive Benchmarking Reports based on their survey data, Capital also covers the registration fee for network hospitals to participate on the Leapfrog Hospital Webinar series each year. These town hall style calls give hospitals added guidance to drive success across quality and patient safety measures.

More information about Capital’s hospital quality program is available by contacting Rosanne Braslow.