Measure description

The most recent HbA1c level performed during the measurement year.

CPT Codes

  • 83036
  • 83037

CPT II Codes

  • 3044F (HbA1c level < 7.0%)
  • 3046F (HbA1c level > 9.0%)
  • 3051F (HbA1c level > 7.0% and < 8.0%)
  • 3052F (Hb1c level > 8.0% and < 9.0%)

This submeasure contributes to two more submeasures:

  • HbA1c Poor Control >9% (a lower rate is better)
  • HbA1c Control <8% (a higher rate is better)

If no specific value or proof of test is submitted, the member will be included in the poor control numerator.

Supplemental data requirements to close the gap

The medical record must document the date of the most recent HbA1c test performed and the result. A distinct numeric result is required. Ranges and thresholds do not meet criteria for this indicator.