Our outreaches promoted mental health awareness month.

Employer group communication included:

  • An employer newsletter highlighting our behavioral health employee communications toolkit, full of resources created to engage employees both online and in person.
  • An externally sponsored business journal article on the importance of promoting mental wellness in the workplace.

Member outreaches included:

  • A web banner which directed members to capital journal mental wellness articles, one on mental health awareness and another on fighting stigma in mental health.
  • A separate article highlighting mental health awareness month, resources for members, and a link to our mental wellness page.
  • Education and resources for our own Capital Blue Cross employees on mental health awareness.
  • Reinstatement of email and text messaging targeted at members who fall into the antidepressant medication management acute and continuation measures and the parents/guardians of the dependents who fall into the follow-up care for children prescribed ADHD medication initiation and continuation HEDIS measures. This messaging encourages medication adherence and follow-up with their PCPs.  It also reminds them of the ability to potentially use telehealth and/or our VirtualCare app for those follow-up appointments.


Our focus in June was on the use of imaging for low back pain measure.

Outreaches included:

  • An article in the provider newsletter about the choosing wisely resources available from the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation and the shared decision-making tools available to members through the Heathwise Knowledgebase®.
  • An employer-facing newsletter article in early July, with links to an externally sponsored article on the impact of low back pain to employers.

July and August

Our outreaches focused on the preventive HEDIS measures, specifically the pediatric and adolescent immunizations and well-visits.

Communications included:

  • Employer-focused outreach on the importance of preventive services for cost-containment and reduction of days off for employees.
  • Member-facing outreach such as newsletters, capital journal articles, targeted scorecards sent via email, and text messaging to parents of dependents with gaps in care for the preventive immunizations and well-visit measures.
  • Member reminders sent in July about the lowering of the age for colorectal cancer screening by the USPSTF to 45.
  • Newsletter articles and capital journal posts in August focused on preventing skin cancer and taking care of your vision.