Employer Assistance Program

Coverage for you and your Capital BlueCross-covered employees at no additional charge

Capital BlueCross provides counseling and other services through an employee assistance program (EAP) for members of qualifying groups.* Download tools and resources to help educate your employees about the EAP, which is offered by Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP Services.

How to tell your employees about the EAP

Include information in your next staff meeting, company bulletin, or weekly email to your employees.

Make sure to share that:

  • The EAP is free for Capital BlueCross-covered employees and provides four free counseling sessions for each subscriber and covered dependent.
  • Sessions are renewable. Capital BlueCross-covered employees can receive four more sessions after a two-month break, up to 12 annually per eligible subscriber and dependent (as an example, a household of three could have up to 36 sessions a year at no additional cost).
  • The EAP provides legal and financial resources, such as templates for wills and other legal documents, as well as personal budgeting tools.
  • It’s confidential. At no point does Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP Services or Capital BlueCross share details of who used the service or why. They can call 800.543.5080 to be matched with a counselor.

More ways to reach your employees

  • Share this webinar about the EAP with your Capital BlueCross-covered employees
  • Print this flyer and hang it in common areas or restrooms
  • Present the slides in this presentation, which includes more information about the EAP resources
  • Request Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP Services for an in-person introduction to your company’s supervisors for a review of the program.

*Qualifying groups include Small Group PPACA, Small Business ASO, and Mid-Market. Contact your account executive, producer, or Capital BlueCross’ Group Services at 800.541.3742.