Coverage for you and your Capital Blue Cross-covered employees at no additional charge

Capital Blue Cross offers coverage for counseling and other services through an employee assistance program (EAP) for members of qualifying groups.1 Download tools and resources to help educate your employees about the EAP, which is offered by Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP Services, an independent company that provides Employee Assistance Programs.


Check with your employer or look at your plan documents on your secure account to see if this or another EAP is part of your coverage.

What is included in an EAP?

Every subscriber and each covered dependent receives up to four (4) counseling sessions (face to face, over the phone, and/or virtual) with any one of thousands of therapists within the EAP network, conveniently located near work or home. The counseling sessions renew after a two month break (up to 12 per year per person). All subscribers and their covered dependents also have access to thousands of other resources online to help lower stress and improve their wellbeing.

These online resources can provide answers to questions such as:

  • Should I lease or buy a car?
  • How can I set up a budget at home?
  • Where can I get legal documents to save on attorney fees?

How does an EAP help my business?

EAPs have the potential to:

  • Reduce turnover.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Decrease absenteeism.
  • Improve supervisor effectiveness.
  • Reduce risk of litigation.
  • Decrease risk of workplace violence.
  • Lower health insurance utilization.

How to tell your employees about the EAP

Include information in your next staff meeting, company bulletin, or weekly email to your employees.

Make sure to share that:

  • The EAP is free for Capital Blue Cross-covered employees and provides four free counseling sessions for each subscriber and covered dependent.
    • The EAP offers a robust network to help your employees with relationships, family stresses, child/elder care concerns, personal finances, addictions, and any other topic(s) that may be adding stress or impacting a person’s wellbeing.
  • Employees can reach out 24/7/365 by calling at 1.800.543.5080, by filling out the “Contact Us” form at, or by emailing Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP. Sessions are renewable. Capital Blue Cross-covered employees can receive four more sessions after a two-month break, up to 12 annually per eligible subscriber and dependent (as an example, a household of three could have up to 36 sessions a year at no additional cost).
  • The EAP provides legal and financial resources, such as templates for wills and other legal documents, as well as personal budgeting tools.
    • Employees can go to and click the “Member Login” button in the top right. Once prompted, type in the Access Code “CBG”.
  • It’s confidential. At no point does Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP Services or Capital Blue Cross share details of who used the service or why.

More ways to reach your employees

  • Share this webinar about the EAP with your Capital Blue Cross-covered employees.
  • Print this flyer and hang it in common areas or restrooms.
  • Present the slides in this presentation, which includes more information about the EAP resources.
  • Request Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP Services for an in-person introduction to your company’s supervisors for a review of the program.

1Qualifying groups include Small Group PPACA, Small Business ASO, and Mid-Market. Contact your account executive, producer, or Capital Blue Cross’ Group Services at 800.541.3742.