Capital Advantage EPO

Unique provider network centered around UPMC Pinnacle providers

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For groups of 1-50 employees

Available primarily to employers located in Dauphin, Cumberland and Perry Counties.

Capital Advantage EPO combines the flexibility of a PPO with the carefully designed UPMC Network of providers and hospitals. This integrated network of physicians ensures the comprehensive treatment of your employees while living and working in the Dauphin, Cumberland and Perry Counties and when traveling outside the service area through the BlueCard PPO network of providers.

Our products have pediatric vision and pediatric dental services embedded.

D/$ = Deductible applies first, then a copay

Plan Deductibles Coinsurance Out-of-pocket max PCP Specialist Emergency room
Gold Capital Advantage EPO 2000/0/20


0% $8,550 $20 $40 D/$250
Silver Capital Advantage EPO 5000/0/35


0% $8,550 $35 $65 D/$350