Managing your diabetes: You’re not alone

Much of what you do to manage your diabetes you do on your own, from choosing your meals each day to taking your medications. And though it can feel like it’s only you all the time, we want to remind you of the team of healthcare providers you should be reaching out to for help.

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Your team includes:

  • diabetes educators
  • optometrists or ophthalmologists (also known as eye doctors)
  • pharmacists
  • podiatrists, or foot doctors
  • registered dietitians
  • your primary care provider (PCP)

What do each of these supports do?

  • Your primary care provider (PCP) is responsible for managing your overall health. He or she can help you find the best medications, learn if your diabetes is affecting other parts of your body, and be sure that you’re getting the right tests to stay on top of your diabetes.
  • Your foot doctor can tell you if your diabetes is causing any nerve damage (sometimes called diabetic neuropathy). Nerve damage can cause tingling, pain, and even lost feeling in your feet.
  • Your eye doctor dilates your eyes using drops to make sure the blood vessels in your eyes are not damaged.
  • A registered dietitian provides you with the best foods to eat for diabetes while a diabetic educator can teach you about the disease and provide educational resources.
  • Your pharmacist understands and explains how the medications for diabetes work. He or she can also explain how those medications may interact with other medications you are taking. You often see your pharmacist more than your doctor.

Most importantly: any time you visit one of these helpers, let your PCP know. The more they know, the more informed care they can provide to you.

What Capital Blue Cross can offer members today

If you are a Capital Blue Cross member, we can help you find a PCP with MyCare Finder. Once you use it, schedule an appointment. You can also use MyCare Finder to locate any of the above-mentioned providers if you do not already have one.

We also have:

  • a one-stop shop for educational resources to better understand your diabetes, such as care management for diabetes and other chronic conditions
  • health guides at our Capital Blue Cross Connect locations
  • Blue365®, which offers discounts just for Capital Blue Cross members on a variety of things from vision to hearing care, meal plan kits, fitness programs, and more (sign up with your member ID card)
  • Capital Blue Cross Virtual Care — an app for your tablet, PC, or smartphone that has a large network of providers including nutritionists and therapists

A secure account at Capital Blue Cross provides more

As a Capital Blue Cross member, once you create a secure account, you can access even more information about diabetes and other topics. You also will have access to the Healthwise® Knowledgebase, a library of interactive tools and topics.

Get in touch with your team today.

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