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Taking Care of Men’s Health
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With a few lifestyle changes, men can drastically reduce their risk of experiencing several life threatening conditions.

Here's How

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Mental Health Awareness: What to Know
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Mental health conditions — from stress to anxiety to depression — are more common than you think. If you feel you may have a mental health condition, the first thing to know is that you aren’t alone.

What to Look For

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus): Tips for Awareness and Protection
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There has been a lot in the news about the coronavirus. Are we safe in the United States? Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself.

Stay Safe from COVID-19

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The ABC(D)s of Medicare Coverage in Pennsylvania
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Choosing a Medicare plan can be overwhelming, but having the right information can make things much easier. With a short period of time to enroll, knowing the facts about Medicare before you make decisions about your healthcare can make all the difference in your enrollment experience.

Read More About Coverage

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Advantages of Medicare Advantage Plans
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Medicare Advantage is an alternative to Original Medicare and is also known as Part C coverage. They cover everything Part A and Part B cover, with or without hospice care, and usually much more.

Find Out About Part C

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A Healthy Pregnancy Starts Before Baby Is On Board
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You don’t need to wait until you are pregnant to plan a healthy pregnancy. Start ahead of time with a preconception care visit with your healthcare provider.

Learn About Prenatal Care

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Vaccines for Adults

Most of us get immunized as children, but we need more vaccines when we are adults. Find out which shots you need, where you can get them, and why they are important.

Find Out

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