A virtual space to explore how Capital Blue Cross and Prime Therapeutics come together to support our members.

Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures, so in lieu of in-person meetings and summits, we’ve created a virtual space for you to learn more about how the right pharmacy partner can benefit employer groups. We want to provide clear and straightforward information and resources so that you can get to know us better, and see what makes Capital Blue Cross and Prime Therapeutics (Prime) the best option for your clients.

In our latest webinar, we take a look at:

  • Insights +, a specialty cost saving tool
  • high-value clinical pharmacists, who manage members' medications to identify savings opportunities, increase adherence, and improve outcomes
  • utilization management and reporting
  • how we're supporting COVID-19 vaccination

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Past presentations:

  • 2020 Virtual pharmacy summit - Our speakers discuss what is coming down the drug pipeline and what we are doing to prepare for genomics, the high-cost medication targeting individual's genetics. We'll also look at Prime Therapeutics' Specialty MonitorTM and predictive modeling.

The value of integration

Some things are better together. Medical and pharmacy benefits are a good example. Integrated medical and drug management is one of the best ways to generate savings for clients.

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Managing the drug pipeline

What prescriptions are available to members now is only part of the story. Capital Blue Cross and Prime keep an eye on the full picture to save money for employers.

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How we help to control costs

Capital Blue Cross and Prime manage costs for members by making sure both medical and pharmacy are working together to provide the most efficient and effective way to treat and maintain their health.

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Prime coffee hours

We want to give you the opportunity to connect with Prime one-to-one, to ask questions and get individualized consultation. Any producer can schedule one or several coffee breaks with Prime.

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