Alexa Skill and Google Home

Confused about your coverage? Ask Alexa or Google Home for answers.

Let’s be honest. Insurance is complex. To make it easier to understand, we developed the My Cap BlueCross skill for your Alexa and Google Home devices.

To get started, say “My Cap BlueCross” to your home’s smart speaker to enable the skill.

Say “Alexa” or “Hey, Google,” and start the Q-and-A.

Understand your healthcare documents

Healthcare paperwork can be overwhelming, but Document Assistant can help.
Get answers to questions about your explanation of benefits (EOBs) without having to pick up the phone to call customer service.

Look for the blue megaphone on your documents to know what terms and/or phrases are voice activated.
Learn about how specific terms and special benefits work that could save you money.

What’s the word?

What is co-insurance? What is a deductible? Easily understand new terms and concepts that you may need to wrap your head around. Here are a few suggestions.

Say “Alexa” or “Hey, Google,”

  • “What is an HMO?”
  • “What is a deductible?”
  • “What is an explanation of benefits?”
  • “What is an HRA?”
  • “What is a premium?”
  • “What is a copayment?”
  • “What is Virtual Care?”

Need more?

Take an interactive journey and learn about ID cards, member cost share, when and why a virtual visit is appropriate, and more by saying:

  • “Visit a Doc”— Covers ID cards, using independent labs and member cost share info
  • “Virtual Visit”— Learn when and why you might choose to use Virtual Care

You can add “Cap BlueCross” to your smart speaker

  1. Download the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet. The app is in the Apple App and Google Play stores.
  2. Open the app and select “Skills.”
  3. Search for My Cap BlueCross and select “Enable.”
  4. You can also enable the skill in the Alexa Skill Store on
  5. If you already have an Alexa-enabled device, simply say, “Alexa, enable 'My Cap BlueCross.'”
  6. Start talking with your Alexa or Google Home enabled device. Just say, “Ask My Cap BlueCross.”